Just when I needed it – because as we all know being a mommie is not always rainbows and butterflies – I stumbled across this video. I have been getting down on myself because I don’t get to CrossFit three to four times a week like a used to (more like three or four times a month if I’m lucky) and┬áMommy & Me yoga barely counts toward my workout regime. But I’m trying to treat myself with some compassion. I do what I can – a run here and there, some at-home workout videos I squeeze in during nap time, the occasional class. Appreciating the time I do get to workout is more beneficial to my overall physical and mental well-bring then beating myself up over not doing as much as I want. I’ve been so hung up on this idea of when is the “just had a baby” timeline over – as in “you look good for just having a baby.” Well, my timeline is my timeline, and doing what I can is far better than doing nothing at all. Just because you can’t do an hour doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do 25 minutes. Adjusting to a new life and a new role requires a constant managing of expectations.





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