Kid to Parent Ratio


August 2018

The note written in my phone on this day. I was preparing to take an announcement photo of our exciting baby news just weeks away from the one year anniversary of my first miscarriage. I was nearly 9 weeks pregnant. I would put these words on a letter board for my stepdaughter and daughter to hold.

During our testing round of fertility treatment, we received that unbelievable call that we were pregnant. When we attended the first ultrasound one week later, before the nurse even said anything, I could make out two spheres floating on the black and white screen. Sure enough, she confirmed (with utter shock written across my husband’s face) that were were expecting twins. With my stepdaughter and my first, this would bring our family’s ratio to 4 kids to 2 adults. Writing this note in my phone, little did I know that within 8 days the number 4 would be a 3, and that our family would not reach that ratio until June 2020.


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