I had a glass of wine. I have been full force, full speed ahead since baby arrived trying so desperately to be a perfect mom, a perfect partner and a perfect entrepreneur, it seems a break was long overdue. Just two days before baby turned seven weeks, I celebrated my first Mother’s Day. A little mommy mental retreat, if you will. And it ended up being something that actually made being a mom feel more real.

For me, Mother’s Day landed in the midst of a series of long 15-hour days filming for a new project. I had somehow managed caring for a newborn as a new mom – bringing baby to set, coordinating a daddy daughter day (pumping enough milk to last them), dragging baby on errands  – along with working tireless days, keeping our listed condo prepared for showings, and landing and executing an interview for one of my dream jobs. It was madness.

IMG_2114 (2)So during dinner as the server at Lolita handed me a special Mother’s Day cocktail, I really stopped to think for one of the very first times, “I am someone’s mom.” I was so busy sending out cards to my mom, my grandmother and my sister, and reminding my boyfriend that his daughter needed to get something for her mom, I forgot the day was mine, too. As with every new mom, the past weeks were a complete a whirlwind and mine were so blurred with other priorities, I hadn’t given myself a moment to really soak it in.  I am someone’s mom.

I looked down at my daughter. An interview for a dream job, a shoot for a TV show, cleaning the floors so they are spotless for open houses, trying to lose the baby weight in two months…there will always be another chance. Another job, another shoot, another showing, another day to go to the gym. But one thing I do not have a second chance at is being a mom. I sipped my cocktail and ordered another glass of wine.

If nothing else happens, I am someone’s mom. And if I allow it to be all that it can be, nothing else will even come close. Being someone’s mom is enough.


My First Mother’s Day
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